Industrial, Stakeholders, Project Reports
Industrial, Stakeholders, Project Reports Industrial, Stakeholders, Project Reports Industrial, Stakeholders, Project Reports
Industrial, Stakeholders, Project Reports
Are you an industrialist?
Are you in a service industry?
Are you thinking to start your own manufacturing business?

Then JOIN us in the National Industrial Chamber and help us help you.

NIC is a manufacturing and services chamber affiliated to NAFCOC.

In the 1970s NAFCOC formed several committees to address the challenges brought about by the draconian apartheid laws. One of such committees, known as the "Industrial Committee" was created in 1977 to evaluate and make recommendations on small-scale manufacturing and related services. Popular demand then grew for the creation of an autonomous body, under the general umbrella of NAFCOC that would specifically focus on the needs and interests of small-scale manufacturers. The formation of the National Industrial Chamber (NIC) in 1990 was the synthesis of this passion. From then on, the NIC was to become the rallying voice of the previously disadvantaged class of small-scale manufacturers and service providers.

To be the leading voice of manufacturing and service related industries.

To pursue the leadership role of organizing, promoting, developing, coordinating and empowering business people engaged in manufacturing and service related businesses, with emphasis on assisting the previously disadvantaged.

  • To promote the interests of manufacturers and related service industries, especially owner managed industries in South Africa.
  • To promote the spread of manufacturing entrepreneurship in society.
  • To obtain the removal of legal and other restrictions inhibiting the development of industrial activities-especially those restrictions which hamper start-up and small industrial activities.
  • To facilitate the provision of information, training, counseling and advisory services to members.
  • To communicate regularly with members on matters of interest to them by way of news letters, meetings, seminars and conferences.

NIC is Co-Founder of Business skills ofSouth Africa         An Affilate of:            
Industrial, Stakeholders, Project Reports
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